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See how you can become a Steppen Creator and the benefits of being involved

How Does It All Work?

Frequently Asked Questions By Creators

Here are some questions you may have - we got you covered

What Does Being a Steppen Creator Involve?

Being a Steppen Creator is all about showcasing what you are doing to stay fit and active. Specifically it involves making posts on Steppen - of exercises, creating workouts and general tips and fitness related thing

What Type of Content Do I Post?

We have made content creation on Steppen super simple and very specific to fitness. On Steppen we have 3 posts types

1) General post: use this to show your followers some behind the scenes stuff - this can be a PB, tips or form tutorials anything fitness health related

2) Single Exercise: Use this to post a single movement your would have in a workout e.g. a push up, bicep curl, squat

3) Workout: This is multiple exercises combined together e.g. squat + bicep curl + deadlift. Workout creation on Steppen is like making a music playlist on Spotify. On Spotify you create a playlist by adding songs together. On Steppen you create a workout by adding exercises together this could be your own exercises or you can also use already existing exercises posted by other Steppen Creators.

How Long Does All This Take...?

All about you could spend less then 30 minutes a week creating content on Steppen and grow consistently each week.

We know content creation can be time consuming that is why we enable creators to reuse their content all the time. Once you have your initial library of exercises you can always use them in different workouts!

Creating a post takes 1 minute and creating a workout 5 minutes. We encourage you to use existing content you have to save time. With time we will continue to build out our uploading features to make content creation easier and more exciting !

What is a 'Good' Creator on Steppen? How Do I Become a Good Creator?

We have found that Creators who post consistently on Steppen grow the most and have the most interaction with their content. Consistent posting is 3 posts a week including a workout each week.

It especially helps if you showcase yourself as a person too! We have a general post - where you can show who you are. Becoming a good creator is about being consistent with posting. The Steppen team is here to help you grow and blossom on the platform so if you ever have any questions or need a hand getting set up - reach out !!

What Are the Benefits of Being a Steppen Creator?

We love our Creators and want to help them grow and be rewarded for this hard work. For consistent content creators (those who make 3 posts a week) we:

- Add you to our trending creators the fastest way to grow on Steppen
- Provide you with access to our creator referral system, where you are rewarded with activewear for any new creators and users you bring onto the platform
- Ensure your content appears higher up and more frequently on our Tiktok Feed and via search
- Give you early access to new features and direct product decisions based on your feedback
- Feature you in our photoshoots and filming sessions for publicity and social purposes
- Verify You ! After being a Steppen creator for 4 months if you have 1000+ followers we will place a blue verified tick next to your profile

I Need Some Help Where Can I Go? Or Who Do I Talk To?

Give Cara one of our co-founders a call or shoot her a text on +61 421 069 552. You can also always slide into our IG DMs (@steppen.official)