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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Become A Steppen Creator?

There are 2 ways to become a Steppen creator

1. Be invited by an existing Steppen creators (ask around, there are 1000’s of creators on Steppen)

2. Join Steppen as a user and request to become a creator. We will ask you a few questions and see if you fit the criteria before adding you to Steppen as a creator. We say yes to most people, this is just to ensure the quality of content on our app

How Does Steppen Work?

- Steppen is your home of fitness. It is the place where you can showcase your brand, build your community and monetise your online content.
- Set up your profile to showcase all you have to offer and create content illustrates your training style. We will then connect you with users on the platform who are looking for your type of content.
- We then help you interact and engage with them, before eventually converting them to paid fans of yours

- Steppen offers a platform for users to connect with fitness creators and workout content designed for their fitness goals.
- We have designed the content to be completed as workouts and allow you to track all your progress.
- We also address the hardest part about fitness for you, being motivation. We have designed Steppen in a way where you are held accountable by your creators and other features in the app making sure you hit your fitness goal!

Is Steppen Free?

- Yes Steppen is 100% Free! However you have the option to upgrade your account to gain access to premium features if you’d like.
- These features help you
      * Create higher quality social contentGrow your community faster
       * Analyse your engagement and fan interactions in more detail - additional analytics for you to check out
       * Directly interact with you community in more depth
       * You also can activate your account to sell content through it to the Steppen community which requires a small monthly subscription.


- Steppen once again is 100% free. You can purchase items from creators or subscribe to them, but that is only on top of the normal app. - - No feature is hidden behind a paywall, you only pay for the things you really want from creators you love.

How Do You Find Very Specific Content on Steppen For Your Fitness Goal?

We allow you to search using multiple tags. What this means is that you can search ‘bicep’ combined with ‘25 min’ and ‘no equipment’ and then you will find a number of 25 min no equipment bicep workouts perfect for you.  

Multi tag search FTW!

Are there 2 steppen apps?

Kind of... We have one app for our creators and one app for our users.

The creator app is only accessed via an invite or if you request to be a creator through the user app and you are approved.

The fan app is available to everyone is and is free to download from the app store.

Need Some Help?  Who Do You Talk To?

Give Cara one of our co-founders a call or shoot her a text on +61 421 069 552.

You can also always slide into our IG DMs (@steppen.official) or email us at