What is Steppen?

Think of Steppen as TikTok meets Spotify, but for fitness.


We are a free social platform to help you achieve your fitness goals. Workout discovery, completion, creation and tracking can all be done on Steppen. 

Just like on Spotify where you combine songs to create a music playlist, on Steppen, you combine exercises to create a workout. These exercises can be uploaded by you or you can use your friends', celebrities' and athletes' exercises in your workout. 


Get in touch if you would like to join as one of our initial Creators. 

Our Mission

Provide millions of community generated workouts suited to every goal.

Our Story

Working out can be overwhelming. Feeling lost and overwhelmed is common. This is how our founder Cara Davies felt whenever she rocked up to her local gym. She was used to doing the same workout every time and started thinking there must be a better, more social way to go about fitness. The concept of Steppen was born!


After posting about Steppen on her personal Instagram, Cara's school friend, Jake Carp, contacted her to find out more. After a few walking meetings, Steppen discovered its co-founder in Jake. All this happened just days before Jake's 21st birthday party.