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Steppen is made for connecting with others and staying motivated to workout
Scroll through a TikTok like feed and see the latest exercises to try
Follow & Connect
Follow friends, fitness influencers and athletes and see how they are training and train like them.
See that progress!! Set goals and achieve them and record your growth with progress pics

Don't know what you're doing at the gym?

Get structured workouts to guide you with Steppen. Steppen recommends workouts based on your goals. Plus our personalised search will return the perfect workout just for you.
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With over 1000 workouts and 5000 exercises we keep it fresh delivering new content everyday so you can stay motivated!
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Feel Confident in The Gym
Steppen has combined all the best elements of social media, workout apps and tiktok to help make working out more easy, more fun and more social! ...Now I feel confident every time I go to the gym knowing that there are a variety of workouts and heaps of exercises to choose from, all for free with a click of a button...

- Rach K
Best Fitness App I’ve Used
Steppen has honestly changed my life. As a busy person who struggles to find time for fitness, Steppen has made it so much easier to stick to my fitness goals. Since I started using the app, I’ve been able to find time to workout anywhere at any time. The user experience is great and I finally know what I’m doing in the gym!

- Andy G
Has so Much Variety!
I am OBSESSED with this app! It is so easy to use and I love the Tik tok style of it! The app is very motivating and it allows me to learn and try new exercises/workouts. The app also provides beginner, intermediate and advanced options for different exercises. I love the VARIETY of exercises on the apps platform. 10/10 recommend!!

- Mici